And while we're healing water...

Let's deal with that PB Gulf oil matter. What a great metaphor. Our dependence on oil is killing us.

I've just gotta say something in support of the message below. How much longer are we going to buy into the "fear of scarcity?" As the messenger below indicates - we are co-creators. This is the "holodeck" and you are in it." As co-creators we can choose differently, and make this an outcome that ceases the harm. Faith Dominoe - The Chronicles of Faith (TCoF)...
We have a project in the Gulf of Mexico (and just about wherever else you look, but maybe let's just focus there for now)

First, a little background, so hang in with me. Thanks in advance.

I'm still waking up. If i haven't had enough of me doing that, you all probably have. We have made a big mess Ollie, and if that weren't enough, the PTB are kicking it over the edge as fast as they can go. Maybe someday we'll know why that is, but waiting for them to make the changes for us -- well it ain't never going to happen. It is way past time to be done with being held hostage, giving away our imagination, power, possibilities, and sovereignty. We have things to do, places to go beyond where we've been trapped. And what's more, there are amends to be made with Earth, and all her Life and Peoples. This is no time to stall and horde resources, lock the doors, shut down the heart. No more of that...

We forgot who we are, the love and power we have, and what an awesome thing that is if/when we choose and use it. We have all the light, energy, and creativity/possibility that the Cosmos has -- it's inside each and all around. What's more, we are not separate -- we are a diversity in Unity. Shall we take the rest of the blinders off and get to work now?

Yes!, good answer. Then we can change the whole crazy game (which has to include of course NOT repeating the SOS), and swap it out for our heart's desire. If we are God/Love/Light/Energy/Creation/Life -- the very same sacred fabric the entire Universe is formed of -- then we are co-creators... and it is time to practice. With our intent, love, imagination, and compassion we can make anything, heal everything. The sages have been talking this up forever, maybe we just couldn't quite believe it. Regardless, there's an infinity of stories of mind (love) over matter through recorded time. It's just that entirely too many dark and confused ones with agendas over time convinced us otherwise. I'm done with that -- and you? No more Mr/Mrs Powerless.

So what we can do with our combined intent (and there are so many ways to imagine and create, you can just as easily make up your own) -- is to seal that oil well and mess back into the hole it came out of. What i "see", in my inner eye and heart, is that well casing sticking out of the ocean floor spewing oil... so with Love/Light and Intent -- let's cap that thing off. You can feel it, visualize it, talk to it, sing, dance, terraform, paint it over, whatever... And why not ask God/Goddess for an assist? Ask as well the Ancient Ones, Masters, and Wisdom Keepers; your guides, allies, spirit animals, the ancestors and the angels too -- all to join in stopping the oil rupture. It's prayer for Earth, from "us".

At first i just put some really big powerful hands over the casing, and stopped the flow like you would on a wound or a burst blood vessel. Then as i got a little more savvy, i made the perfect funnel that sucked in all the square miles of oil out of the water, not harming anything else, and watched it flow right back into that hole, then sealed the whole thing up. To finish up, "i saw" the ocean floor, the water column, all the critters, plants, and beaches whole and hale. 

Altogether, less than 10 minutes of quiet/meditation time. You can do it on the train commute home, in the backyard under that lovely Pine or Rhody, or while you're washing dishes. I'm planning to "pop" back there from time to time to make sure things are holding, and to check up on our progress. See you there.

Don't debate it, or yourself, let's just give it a whirl. This is all about what "Consciousness" [the mind, co-creation is an aspect of the mind, not consciousness] can do. Think up your own artful techniques. What have we got to lose at this point, right? It's a co-creation prayer, or anything you want to call it. (If the labels piss you off, pick whatever else works. If you think you can't, or it's too silly, then your part in this simply stops there.) Then we can start working/playing with all the other circumstances that need attention, love, and change. Pass this along in whatever form you need or want that makes heart sense to you, and let's get started. Our planet will love you for it. And of course, so will i. alby

I doubt seriously the political machine will ever take care of our planet our "us", so let's not wait...