Gestapo Tactics Invading Feds say you have no Rights

Just for paperwork that had not been requested. Your tax dollars at work. Wake up America the Patriot Act, the NDAA Agenda 21 and Obama Care make you no more than a slug.

Someone had the good sense to record the events of this raid so that this Rampant Injustice could be exposed. "The owner of Gibson Guitars makes a good point, "there is no consequences for bad government action - the Executive Branch has King like, Emperor like authority that circumvents Constitutional balance that were foreseen by our Fore Fathers." The States must push back this abhorrent Federal behavior. These are not the actions of a civilized nation.

What schools teach this crap?

Who is not tired of fighting this crap?

The crappers don't get tired of it. It must be some type of mind infection, virus that "gets off" (you know what I am implying) on imposing suffering.

I never thought I would come to this conclusion. We have a Pres who is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Oh I know he is just puppet, and his family has probably been threatened by the Elite. He is not the problem. We are the problem, because we don't want to have to turn to the Dark Side. You have to use Dark Side tactic's to defeat the Dark Side. Perish the thought. One thing I have learned is that you can learn to understand the Dark Side and not become Dark yourself. The challenge for us is the energy it takes to fight back. It is exhausting and the things you learn are just vile.

Hey, that's it. The Dark Side knows that utilizing Dark tactic's by those who are not Dark, exhausts us. So how or what can we do to not be exhausted by such abhorrent events, still maintain integrity, and honor all beings as having a Divine Spark, cause no harm....Hmmmm