Nibiru Update and Confirmation Evidence

Don't know what to tell ya folks. Apparently we (the USA) are being kept in the DARK on this. Hmmm...

We provided this back on Nov 19, 2011:


In the 2nd Image from 5.28.12 - I count 7 satellites.

The 2nd video below mentions 7 satellites!!!

2 Sun like objects in the Morning Sky!!! - 3rd Video

Nibiru trajectory in 4th Video - looks like Mars might be in trouble.

Interesting Children's Playground configuration. The 5th video also states that it is Mars...They obviously didn't know about the 7 satellites when the video was made.

The 6th Video is the information we should be getting in the News. An excellent presentation Earth may have been slowly axis tilting, as observed by the natives of Antarctica. 

Excellent hypothesis of reason for Earth Axis shifts. Notice in the graphic they occur only on one side of Earth's orbit - when Earth passes between our Sun and Nibiru.