Pray for RAIN for Colorado - NOW!!!

As a Coloradan Community, we are going to conduct a s state wide prayer/meditation to ask the Universe to bless us with the proper amount of rain to assist the fire fighters in extinguishing current fires as well as minimizing the fire risk for the balance of the season. We are asking everyone to pray, imagine, feel or just ask from the heart for this blessing. At the same time begin to visualize the perfect rain conditions; enjoying the feel and smell of this wonderful gift. Feel the Coloradan landscape breathe a sigh of relief as the flames begin to subside. Feel the relief of birds and wildlife who are scared and confused...all the while visualizing the fires being extinguished by the rain.

Pray for Rain for Colorado...
We need your help!
This needs to go viral NOW


Please send this message out to everyone you know living in this state and beyond...and continue to bless the fire fighters and the families who have been affected.