Brilliant Expose on why go Organic by a little girl

"used to inhibit potato sprouting,"..."It suppresses plant transpiration and respiration and inhibits root and epicotyl growth." And furthermore....

From the link above:

Chlorpropham is moderately toxic to cold and warm water freshwater fish (5). The LC50 for chlorpropham in rainbow trout is 3 to 6 ppm, and 6.3 to 6.8 ppm in bluegill sunfish (1).

Chlorpropham accumulated in the skinned fillet of bluegill sunfish to 100 times the levels in surrounding water (5).

has some potential to contaminate groundwater

Thermal decomposition may release highly toxic fumes of phosgene, toxic and corrosive fumes of chlorides, and oxides of carbon (2). Workers handling chlorpropham should avoid breathing vapors, wear goggles to prevent eye contact and protective clothing to prevent prolonged skin contact (2, 3).


Maybe we should get Anonymous involved to stop this pollution