Continuing the David Wilcock Saga - Truth Aboult Gold and The Future

You have got to listen to this program.

Turns out our planet naturally produces GOLD! The problem is keeping it secret. Turns out that is why we have so many sightings of anomalies in our skys, they are very interested in our gold. Turns out a lot of our gold is shipped off planet. Turns out there is a lawsuit of around 120 nations against the 5 countries that are attempting to suppress this amazing truth. Turns our there is a group preparing to boot out these cabalist scaliwags and nincompoops that believe they have the power. Turns out it will take about 20 years for all of this to be accomplished, and for PEACE to be restored on Earth. In the meantime "it's going to be a bumpy ride,"; do not loose your center, bond with family and friends, strive to be the best person you can no matter what appears to be occurring. Now list to this broadcast.

Listen to the broadcast from our friends at Project Camelot: