5||126.Grid Reboot May 20, 2012
This is continuing the World Liberation Movement that began on May 5, 2012. I have to admit I have been feeling, lighter, brighter and hopeful, getting things completed, etc...What better thing(s) do you have to do anyway, than contribute to our planet's liberation for an hour?
2012-05-17 15:16:401,145
5||127.Well Now, Perhpas Things Are Not As Presented...
Note at about 30:00 there is a mention of "timeline paradoxes"....
2012-05-10 12:16:55988
5||128.WTF of the Day - General Wesley Clark
Exposes US plans to take over 7 countries in 5 years. Boy Oh Boy, we are scammed yet again!
2012-05-06 13:14:55902
5||129.CIA Officer exposes the mess
Could he be inspiration for the operations by Anonymous?
2012-05-06 13:06:33837
5||130.90% of you are useless eaters - Timeline 1 Agenda Exposed
Dr. Rima explains the Timeline 1 Aristocrats agenda. Dr. Rima is an example of Timeline 3 exposing the truth about the Timeline 1 agenda.
2012-05-06 12:52:23917
5||131.World Liberation Day May 5, 2012
It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands...and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers.---Whether you believe this is possible or not - what better thing(s) do you have to do---
2012-05-02 19:18:151,764
5||132.Think you know the financial history of the USA?
You probably don't know these things, which are the foundation for the current fabricated financial crisis
2012-04-23 12:46:58895
5||133.Iceland Pushes Back on European Bail Out and Wins!
We can all win, and take back the power that has been surreptitiously stolen from us!
2012-04-22 14:14:431,414
5||134.Updates from a different point of view
From the Other Desk, To that Desk, To our Desk, To your Desk
2012-04-22 13:42:241,163
5||135.The Origins of the 3 Timelines
"To the Future and Beyond." Buzz Lightyear
2012-04-20 14:32:14936
5||136.More Advamcememts ffrom Timeline 3
Liens filed against 12 Federal Reserve Banks: "After many years, the public outrage is now sufficiently high that the will of the people has become more than sufficient to take these steps."
2012-04-20 13:51:10866
5||137.Timeline 3 Still Advancing
It only takes 1% to be aware, and shift us all. I am sure there is more than 1% aware. Perhaps that is why so much is occurring or is about to occur to shift us out of the less than wholesome agenda.
2012-04-19 13:49:421,043
5||138.Men In Black
MIB's (Men In Black) are real and not just in the movies! It is unclear yet as to which Timeline they are supporting, i.e. 1,2 or 3. Hmmmm
2012-04-19 12:16:381,185
5||139.Sunday Afternoon Weird
View at your own risk.
2012-04-15 12:36:381,402
5||140.More examples of Timeline 1
These things have got to go.
2012-04-12 13:26:02994
5||141.More from Drake
Drake responds to questions
2012-04-08 10:54:001,024
5||142.Timeline 3 Advances
450 Banker Resignations|First video is a summary of the second video interview, explaining why these resignations are occuring...
2012-04-07 12:38:281,088
5||143.Possible indication of Timeline 3
This came across our desk and after several reviews, it was determined that there is practical information contained within that informs, provides insight and good guidance.
2012-04-05 18:09:011,098
5||144.Bush and Blair found Guilty of War Crimes
Timeline 3 is on the move...Will be bringing you Timeline 3 info shortly.
2012-04-03 15:15:111,078
5||145.The Post American World
Is Pres. Obama preparing himself for something?
2012-03-31 18:36:58913
5||146.The Truth About the Financial Tyranny
The interviewer is somewhat annoying, yet he is providing a great service to expose this tyranny.
2012-03-29 11:55:44998
5||147.Where We May Be Headed
You have got to listen, watch these 3 videos, and tell your friends and loved ones to listen and watch also....
2012-03-27 23:29:241,097
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