Brith Certificate Shocker - You are traded on the NYSE

Order your Birth Certificate. On the bottom it will say prepared on security paper. Right corner is a series of red numbers which is the security number on the Stock Exchange. That security number is your identifier. Call up the stock exchange and find out how much it is worth.

One video is explaining in terms of Canada Law - which is also applicable to USA Law.


You must know the difference in the meaning of terms. The language used is different than the legal language of that same term. Curious about legal terms, get a Black's Law Dictionary.

You are a Legal Person created by fiction of your Government from your "Certificate of Live Birth" which is then turned into the Legal term "Birth Certificate."

Excellent expose on the whole "birth certificate" purpose. Certificate Truth.htm

The artificial document of your artificial person supposedly takes away your connection to the Divine Source. Horse hockey. Legal wording does not remove your connection to the Divine Source. That is what they are afraid you will figure out. The Divine Source is reaching people everywhere. Have you watched the "Thrive" movie yet?