Grey Psy Ops - Holographic Projections of Catastrophic Events

Are these projections to keep us in turmoil so that we don't pay attention to their true agenda? Listen and learn. This may be out of some of your belief systems - consider stretching your mind to consider these possibilities...We are more powerful and can choose to participate in the real events, which may be that "nothing" actually occurs.

Show date August 13, 2012

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Notes from the August 13, 2012 broadcast:

Aug 13, 2012 at about 42:00: Alfred explains that what has
been discovered is a Matrix of about 150 synthetic catastrophic
results created by Grey's. What Remote Viewers, and Project
Yellow Book timeline viewers are picking up these synthetic
false catastrophic outcomes for us. Non of it is true. A Grey
psychological program, creating a Grey Psy Op, and the Government
fell for it and spent trillions on underground basis. These Grey's
have done this same scenario on other planets. The strength of
their visionary broadcast, overrides other timelines that may be
the truth. It is all holographic and and an open program, allows
for us to be aware and override their Grey Psy Op program and
it is only 13% effective and is over ridden by the 22% who choose
a positive experience. You must perceive through the false projection,
holographic projection. Choose to look at the most probably positive
out come and we are at 39% override and the catastrophic outcome
drops to 5% to 7%.

Mayan Calendar ends in 2045 not 2012.
This is a beginning not and end that is coming and we are all
feeling or have a sense of a shift.

[those notes do not replace the whole show which you should really take the time to listen to]

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