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Free Book "Un-Human" Decoding Psychopaths and Their Systems

"Psychopaths are the Apex predator of the Human Race. If you are not like them, you can't keep up the Pace." Faith Dominoe, The Enlightened Psychopath - 2015. Release date July 4, 2018. This is your your personal Freedom and Independence Day!

Part 1 

I had several review my book. Here is some feedback from them.

“In just the first five pages I understood why we are so f_____. You [Faith] build an undeniable case, then support it with undeniable research. Incredible. Thank you for your courage to expose the false wizard behind the curtain.” L.R.

“I recommend that you read this book exactly as it is presented, read the linked articles when instructed to do so.” P.T.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Speeches by Bill Clinton at $500,000 or Barak Obama at $400,000 have no comparison to the life changing information in “Un-Human”. Faith deserves to be rewarded. Please support this work with your donation” J.B.

“I got it. I got it. OMG! This is the most valuable information I have ever read. Now I know how to be Free and Independent from the lies.” C.S.

“A great in your face expose’ to set yourself free. If you can’t handle the truth, then you really need to read “Un-Human”. F.S.

“All the Villians in Book, Movies, TV shows are psychopaths! Is that what these authors and writers have been attempting to tell us in these stories all along?” C.P.

“Love, love, love the metaphor of being the little Toto that pulls back the curtain. You [Faith] have pulled back the curtain, exposed the deception, lies, mis-direction. Thank you for your courage!” J. S.

So far everyone who reviewed the book, had only great things to say. I am overwhelmed, and grateful for their assessments.

This book is a 33 year journey to understand why people act in ways that make no sense. At least their actions made no sense to me because I had done nothing that would have inspired such visceral responses. I kept asking myself why is this a pattern in my life. I had no answers, and no one could provide a sound answer. Some would say “this is what you signed up for.” I thought “if that is true, then what was I thinking to put myself through such misery.” Oh yes I had some say “well you must have been a horrible person in your past lives.” That did not make any sense to me. Look at the story of the Prodigal Son. He was not punished by his Father. His return to his senses was celebrated! I do not believe a Divine Creator would bring life threatening events to his creation!

As I re-examined my life I can honestly say I had no mal-intent towards anyone ever. Except for two times because the pain was so great and I thought I would never get through it. I wanted them off the planet. I might have thought that. I never took action towards that end. That is the difference – I took no action. I did face my unseemly thoughts. I was radically honest about my thoughts and eventually all of the painful events led me to the answer. I have done my best to include all of the important realizations that got me through in “Un-Human”.

I shared a bit of The Event and one person said all you have to do is go inside for the answers. In that moment I realized I had to learn my way out of the pain. Because I had turned what I felt, thought and believed over to another. I had nothing inside to help me out. I had to learn what I thought, felt and believed. That takes time to figure out. When you have nothing inside that is yours, you do not know who you truly are. Part 2 will go into detail about The Event and how it has led me to create “Un-Human” Decoding the Psychopath Within and Without, which hopefully provides you tools to your Freedom and Independence Day.

Donations are greatly appreciated. As this is free book and reflects my journey to understand the traps and snares that make you want to just pull out your hair. It just took me about 30 years to figure it out. 3 years to think about it and just 2 months to write it. When I was ready to write it – it was just all there.

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Free Book "Un-Human" Decoding the Psychopath Within and Without"

I had to burden my business partner with extra work because I had to get this done and finished. He has helped me to get this up and running on this website. Fortunately he is a webmaster and has some awesome webmastering skills.

I also want to thank those who took the time to review this book. They were all a great help.

You will learn that:

Transformation takes place when you are radically honest.

The language of manipulation of our Matrix

The Black Ops of the Hidden Psycho-Pathological Agenda

How to decode Psychopathic Systems

What does “in God we Trust” really mean

What did the Founders intend for the creation of the USA.

Identify the Psychopathic metaphor in books, movies, tv shows

Evil = Psychopath

Living between the Lies – how we are programmed

The editors of “Science” did not believe that there were Psychopaths in 1991, yet a psychiatrist figured it out in 1913, 26 years after the psychopathic metaphor was created.

Learn to decode psychopathic behaviors and set your self free

Psychopaths rule our world -Medicine, Politics, War – Revealed by Professionals

and much, much more

This book is now 57 pages as of 07.19.18 on 8”x11.5”, so a book would be around 114 pages.

I thought I could keep this to 20 pages. Realizing I needed supporting information increased the size. Our hope that what is included will be comprehensive enough for you to be able - for your self - to identify psychopaths and their systems that will ruin our world if we do not wake up to their secret maneuvers. Psychopaths excel in mis-direction, and illusion, and through those scheming traits, create unsuspecting minions to carry out their agenda. Which is being demonstrated in our current political era. You will be able to recognize psychopaths and their systems after reading this book. You will then have your personal Freedom and Independence Day to start free yourself from the psychopathic entanglements.

We are giving it away free, not requiring your email, name, phone number. There is no requirement whatsoever to get this book freely.

This book will set you free like nothing else you have ever read. I get right to the point and do not include useless information just to fill up pages.

Tell your friends and family. Send them this link. This is a free publication to everyone, because the peoples of the world need to wake up. The estimated amount of psychopaths is 1 in 100, so you have likely crossed paths with several of them in your lifetime. In systems that psychopaths are attracted to, it is estimated that 4% are actual psychopaths within those systems. So let this be your personal day of Freedom and Independence.

This is a free downloadable book for all patrons of this Earth. It is critical that as many people as possible get this book and read it. Those of you who can donate is much appreciated. We will be continuing this work on the youtube channel "divinedominoes". Come back any time to review the content here at www.divinedominoes.com

To your Personal Freedom and Independence,

Faith Dominoe

July 4, 2018

The date I finished.

Contributors who have agreed to have their contributing links listed. There are more to come. Contributing links are in Part 1, and you may read their full articles.




Part 2

My journey continued after writing the book. I found psychopaths on tv show interviews, movies, books, tv series, like Dr. Smith in "Lost in Space" (Netflix), Wentworth about a women's prison in Australia -- the Govenor (warden) a female actress played the psychopath perfectly. The writer of Wentworth had an amazing understanding of the characteristics of a psychopath. The Hero/Villan movies. The Villan is 1 person which takes a team to defeat. A team is needed because psychopathic characteristics are wide and ranging.

Even psychologists, psychiatrists admit they struggle to ID psychopaths. After the book I observed and learned. When Elon got twitter, I decided to come back. As of now In just 6 months I have become  a Jedi Psychopath Mind Whisperer. I have learned their tells and there are many. I now have a Ph.D (self-assigned) in psychopathy.

About 20 years before psychiatry/psychology created common terminology, including psychopath, Bram Stoker wrote "Dracula". I figured out that the concept of the Vampire is a metaphor for the characteristics of the psychopath. It appears that Divinity planted the Vampire metaphor. Psychopaths are mental, emotional, spiritual Vampires. Psychopaths have created global psychopathic crime syndicates and are currently destroying every good moral principals, institutions, etc.

Psychopaths have no off button, are chronic liars, dark magicians by misdirection using others to carry out their nefarious agenda. There is no therapy or medicine that works to change them. 1 to 7 in 100 are psychopaths. You have likely crossed paths with several unaware. Not all psychopaths manifest psychopathy. The brain scan shows that where the "empathy" section is in the brain, is absent, is a black hole. Until we figure out how to engineer the missing empathy back into the brain (likely obviewscated in the DNA) the tragedy of our current events will not improve. All we can do for now is vote them off the planet.

If you want to go beyond the book  and get your own Ph.D in psychopathy, check out my X(twitter) account Faith Dominoe, B. A. -- @bustingfear. In the "search" type: psychopath. Start reading, reading, reading. FYI: you can join X, and just follow those on X, read, and not even need to do anything else. You will get an education like no other, in real time. When you know where they lurk you will be better prepared to avoid them and protect yourself.


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