David explains it all - Something Wicked this way - Exposed all of it and why

Can you handle the truth? David exposes why all the conflict in Government, Politics, Religions, Countries, Finance, etc and why INSANITY appears to rule the day. Bust through the control and set yourself free. Just go SANE. You can put Sanity back into your finances because this system puts you in control. That drives the banking/financial sectors nuts. Learn more www.bitmore.cash


In the video below at about 37:00 min David explains why cryptocurrencies (digital) were created. It is a backlash to the fiat currency that has put us in financial hell, because cryptocurrencies cannot be manipulated nor attached to stock markets!!!

Around 1:04 of the video - you might need your earplugs and sunglasses - The Ugly Truth is sometimes hard to acknowledge.

Banking Secrets Revealed