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Heaven and Hell - It's a journey

Heaven and Hell - It's a journey

I have a monthly gathering I go to and offered to present on Divine Intervention.

The moderator thought I would be just promoting my new book and expressed their desire that the 2nd book be more positive. My reply is below.

Actually it will be about helping to recognize where you might
have missed Divine Intervention throughout your life. And writing the book
on the psychopaths, helped me to look back on my life and realize how
I have been helped. Well I had the thought if we could recognize the
assistance we receive without judgement or agenda maybe we would be a better people,
a grateful people, a more accepting and tolerant people.

There is a meanness manifesting I frankly am shocked exists.
Well there is a reason that is in our faces right now.
It has been hidden beneath the surface and now is erupting. And not for the false projected
reason's people are making up. Blaming and accusing solves nothing. That is a distraction
the inner psychopath takes so that you will be blinded from the truth of what is actually
taking place in the mind. Blaming and accusing is a distraction from the realization that the
mind needs to be healed. So how do you heal the mind? One way is to recognize the
Divine assistance that has been with you on your journey and be thankful for it. Divine assistance is given without the need for appreciation. Yea! Think on that for a while..

Interesting: you wrote "more positive book."

FYI: Professionals, i.e., psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. are challenged with recognizing psycho's and they are all concerned because they do not know how to help the 99 recognize them. 1 in 100 is a psychopath. I have been able to accomplish that task. Not knowing I would figure out what the problem for the world the psycho's are - even for professionals would be my mission at this stage of in my life. Remember I am a double hermit so this has been Hell for me. 30 years asking what the Hell is wrong with the world. Once I figured it out I thought about it for 3 years. Then everything was there in my head and took me about 1.5 months to pull it all together and write it down. Because the info was so heavy I had to take breaks for several days. I received further insights, which I had to think about. This has not been an easy journey.

Now I realize I need to start up Busting Fear again and start talking about the psycho's.
I have to figure out how to use youtube to record, have a live chat, which microphone to get, etc. I cannot resist the energy pushing me forward on this endeavor. Can you stop yourself from your time travelers journey? The reward for me is that people easily get it. I have been able to circumvent the challenge of the professionals because I have integrated other information to bring to light the wizard behind the curtain.

1) You must first find the curtain.
2) You must be the Toto and pull back the curtain.
3) Here is the hard part - You have to look and understand what is behind the curtain and what is going on. Before you can set yourself free, you must see what is trapping you. The psycho's trap is mental and emotional. What we need is a way to heal the mind from the psycho's damage.

As for positive - How can helping people recognize how
they are duped, deceived, mis-lead, lied to, manipulated, brain washed, etc, not be positive? Helping people to see through the horrors of the psychopaths agenda, sets people free. Also I have received nothing but positive feedback so far from those who have reviewed it before I released it.

I may sound positive and excited - but I am dying inside because of that damn double hermit. This journey writing this book has been a blessing and a curse.

See how your one comment made me go deeper into my own journey:
Blessing and curse aka - Heaven and Hell.

And after all it is a "free" book. That is a very good deal for the freedom they will receive.

Hopefully this will give you insight into this challenging journey. Heck, it gave me insight.
You can get a lesson from anything, a comment, a book, a commercial, a song.

So Thaaank Youuuuu for helping me to excavate myself further.


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