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This short video is packed with information to set you free from the Psychopathic Systems

This short video is packed with information to set you free from the Psychopathic Systems. The issue is that for the psychopaths and their systems to propagate it takes the enlightened to do nothing. We live in a 3D experience and must use the tools available to us to create the changes the world needs. Faith Dominoe #TheEnlightenedPsychopath

At about 2 minutes in Nigel Farage the Leader who assisted the UK to break free -  states clearly what we must do to break free. Then after that Mr. Jones clearly states how we create our experience. This bears repeating and re-watching  as many times as you need to get it. Then go to the "Enlightenment" and "Psychopathic" categories to get real clear in your own mind about your options. Enlightenment takes effort, vigilant effort. Psychopaths do what they do naturally. The Enlightened must pursue their path as Enlightenment does not come naturally to most humans. The true Psychopath has no ability to choose because they do not experience compassion or empathy.

Do any of the systems or events below inspire Enlightenment?

Politics, Wars, Taxes, Interest Rates, The Stock Markets, Threats of Nuclear bombings, The War on Drugs, Medicines that do not heal and only enrichen the pharmaceutical companies that eventually have to be removed because they are found to be detrimental to the human body, etc?

We are bombarded to overwhelming by lies and manipulations every second of every day. Who has the courage to take a stand and tell us the truth anymore? Is it you? Is is your friend? A family member?

I have said before: "The apex predator of the human race is the psychopath, and if you are not like them, you cannot keep up the pace."

The psychopaths and their systems goal, is to keep you from realizing who you really are by the constant bombardment of their Industry of Fear. Fear freezes you in place.

You are responsible to choose your path. Simply choose not to believe their Industry of Fear - is a choice to Enlightenment. It is that simple. Enlightenment is not a mystery. It is simply a choice.

I recently had to step away from something I loved because the leader made a choice to demoralize and discourage team members. I kept fighting with myself to stay, until I realized I was not aligned with such behavior. I wanted to stay to help others. Then I have recently realized it is just too huge for me to take on that burden. I did not cause this event. In fact attempted to soften what I knew was coming.

Then about 2 weeks later I was introduced to something revolutionary. A new emerging technology. Great timing. This new technology will change everything, especially how you function within your world of experience.

Sooooo what if a system was not affected by politics, wars, interest rates, the stock markets, or any of the crushing systems that cause suffering through manipulation and lies?

Who would not want that?

Keeping us distracted from who we really are is the goal. Imagine you could be free from all of those systems? What would your life be like? I can guarantee you that if you give yourself a chance and get the bigger picture you will see and can experience freedom like never before.

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