$@j@$1.Gringott8 Grand Opening
Decentralization and Distruption technology is the new emerging technology that will create freedom and beyond for all peoples of the world. Join the FB private group: Gringotts8.
2016-09-09 01:55:37212
$@j@$2.The real Ponzi Scheme and the world has been duped
You do not have to stay in the ponzi scheme deception. There is a way out. While you may not be able to get entirely out, you can protect yourself, your family and friends. It will take some time to get yourself educated, so that you can make a clear choice on what is the right for you. Lesson #1
2017-01-02 18:05:50204
$@j@$3.Get your free account today! Thrive and get ahead...
3 Free's: Account, App, Rewards. This is how the next tech revolution is occurring. Blockbuster or Netflix - which one are you? Blockbuster is gone because they lacked vision, Netflix is thriving and so can you. This is about thriving in the tech revolution.
2017-09-16 10:58:42197
$@j@$4.How to END Financial Tyranny
Banking secrets revealed. How disruptive tech ends financial suffering. Friends don't let friend's suffer financially.
2017-10-06 15:07:13180
$@j@$5.Would you like a bit more cash?
A Revolution began after the 2008 Banking Crisis. Adding to that Crisis was the fact that the government bailed out the Banks with OUR Taxes. Did you receive any interest on that loan Bail Out? NO you did not. Two months later a Revolution in Non-Banking began. That creative solution was given to the People. The people began expanding it. Now just eight years later it is like a conspiracy theory secret. Many now know about it, yet they aren't sure about it.
2017-08-24 11:52:58178
$@j@$6.New Announcements Coming for Gringotts8
2017-0130: Check back for updates
2017-01-30 16:06:33178
$@j@$7.Live Streaming from London this weekend. Get your Free Account
They heard you! - You’ll be able to watch every second of the event from the comfort of your home, office or wherever else you have a computer and internet access. and
2017-10-26 15:44:16165